Communication Proceedures
Enigma considers communications as a vital ingredient in the ongoing success of any contract and will tailor a Communications Program specifically for this contract. We encourage daily communications between facilities management and ourselves. Standard communications include site email/fax/phone, scheduled feedback meetings, 24-hour access via mobile phones/pagers to management, specifically the Site Manager.

Out of Hours emergency response times will be 30 minutes and all other responses will meet the criteria as would be expected in such premises. Facilities Management will be supplied with all relevant names telephone numbers (business, mobile and after hours) and/or pager numbers to ensure that response times are met.

All requests/problems will be logged back via Facilities Management upon completion.

All on site personnel will be supplied with company uniforms and wear identification badges. A list of all onsite personnel and areas and start/finish times will be supplied to Facilities Management prior to commencement of each year and any of our registered sub contractors movement or alterations will be updated at scheduled feedback meetings.

Communication Book
A book is left in a common area for use by our registered sub contractors. The reception desk of each area is generally the most effective location. This is an open book for any requests or comments. The book is checked daily by our site supervisor and reviewed weekly by a company director. This book also serves as a communication log and provides feedback to our our sub contractors.

Supervision / Reports
Supervision is an essential part of our service. All contracts require a supervisor to facilitate the evaluation processes and improve the services. Our supervisors will closely liaise with the client to ensure all Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are met.

Formal Inspection
Emergency contact is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Equipment choice is an extremely important decision that impacts significantly on the results we are able to achieve. Furthermore, maintenance of the equipment is programmed into the daily routine of all our sub contractors thus ensuring equipment is in good working order at all times.

Steam Cleaning / Window Cleaning
Enigma employs steam cleaners and window cleaners. These services can be engaged outside of business hours to minimize disruptions to your normal business activities. These services are also available to all employees of your company at competitive rates.

Enigma supplies general bathroom and kitchen products. These include soap dispensers, toilet paper, hand towels, tissues and dishwashing liquid/ powder. Prices include delivery and there is no minimum delivery.

All Enigma employees undergo training programs specifically tailored to the cleaning responsibilities for which they are employed. These training programs are structured to provide the employee with an understanding of Work Practices, Occupational Health & Safety and to support on-the-job training.

Quality and Risk Policies
Enigma commitment to quality service is backed up by our solid growth over recent years. Our Quality, risk and sub contractor training policies and programs have been prepared carefully to cover all forms of business encountered by our sub contractors.

Enigma is a company committed to the pursuit of best practices. This is the cornerstone of our business as we strive for quality deliverables to our customers and also aim to strike strategic alliances, which facilitate long, healthy and profitable relationships.

A formal inspection is undertaken on a regular basis. A report is provided which documents the condition of the property, the level of satisfaction and any queries, suggestions and improvements that are to be made. The results are presented at a formal monthly meeting via a strict reporting system as agreed with each client. We encourage a representative from your company to participate in the quality auditing process so that we are able to accurately assess whether we are meeting your needs. It is our aim to achieve a high, consistent standard throughout the contract.

This system of quality auditing and setting Key Performance Indicators ensures delivery of high quality cleaning standards, in line with your needs.

Occupational Health and Safety
Enigma recognises the rights of the workforce to function in a safe and healthy working environment and promotes safe practices to protect personnel, customers and the general public, in accordance with the Principles, Guidelines and Recommendations inherent in The Occupational Health and Safety Act (1985).

We promote and improve standards of Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare by:
• providing education and training when our sub contractors first join us followed by continuing educational programs
• providing employees with information, training and supervision relating to equipment and work practices
• providing protective clothing and equipment where necessary
• consulting and co-operating with health and safety representatives and employees on workplace safety and occupational health issues
• maintaining and recording Hazardous Situation and Accident and Injury Reports, and acting quickly to review and address all situations
• complying with any Regulations imposed by our clients
• maintaining all equipment in a mechanically safe, quiet and clean condition
• maintaining records of all safety, health and welfare activities and attendees

When you do business with Enigma ... you can be assured that you're dealing with a company committed to safety - Not just our own safety, but the safety of your employees and the public, too.

Safety and Health is both an individual and shared responsibility of all employers and employees.

Enigma places a high priority on safety and health and highlights the adjacent responsibilities as being essential to the success of this policy. Enigma will, so far as is practicable, provide and maintain a working environment where their employees are not exposed to hazards.

This includes:
• Safe work systems
• Stringent marking of all dangerous substances
• Provision of manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheets' (MSDS’s) for all cleaning products left on-site
• Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision
• Consultation and Co-operation
• Personal Protection
• Safe Plant and Substances
• Reporting of Injuries and Disease

Work Cover and Public Liability
Work cover: Cambridge Integrated Services
Public Liability: GCU Insurance Ltd.
Cover: $10,000,000.00