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Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, and all forms of Catering Establishments that have Commercial Kitchens must maintain them in excellent hygeinic order. This means having them deep cleaned periodically. Enigma Property Services Specialist cleaning team are able to carry out periodic cleaning of your kitchen or cleaning of single items of equipment if needed. This includes high pressure washing on any floor surface. The cleaning, degreasing and oiling of all your kitchen equipment, including fryers, ovens, hot plates , burners, sinks,tables, racks and Fridges. We can also degrease and sanitise all surfaces within the kitchen, including, walls, ceilings, pipeworks and preparation surfaces. All Kitchen cleans can be carried out at your convenience as we operate a 24 hour service. This means that the restaurant does not have to close down for any length of time at all. We can provide a full quote upon request.